How many calories should I consume each day? Enough Already!

Through my personal experience over the last 6 years, there is an overwhelming difference between men and women, when it comes to every day eating habits.  Today, I’m going to dive into the never ending fight that is a woman’s diet.  First off, let’s eliminate the word “diet,” because it implies something that is temporary.  The way you eat every day should be a lifestyle habit, not a diet.  Many women I’ve worked with over the years, have come in with many different “fad” diets (south beach, atkins, soap and toothpaste, etc.), in an effort to drop the extra weight.  Here’s the secret to being lean, are you ready for it?  Take a seat, it’s pretty mind blowing……….EAT!!!!  You need to treat your body like a car.  A BMW M1 needs fuel, and not just any fuel, it needs 93, high octane gasoline.  If you put 87 in the tank…well, you get the idea.  Do you think Jessica Biel is putting 87  in the tank?  Think again.  If you put the proper foods into your body (Fruits, Vegetables, Lean Protein, quality CARBOHYDRATES, etc), eat FREQUENTLY, your body will respond favorably and you will be a lean, mean, bikini-ready machine!  On the other hand, if you starve your body, putting it into an insulin deficit, you will eat large, high calorie meals, or you won’t fuel your lean body mass enough, and it will begin to deteriorate.  The less lean body mass you have on your body, the less efficient your body will be and will become soft/flabby.  If you’re someone who makes poor decisions with the food you put in, and you don’t eat frequently, the writing is on the wall, so don’t expect to lose weight.  In fact, you can expect to gain weight and be miserable about it.  There is no “magic pill” for weight loss, there’s no easy way out;  the only way to attain your goals with your body is through hard work and proper eating habits, plain and simple.  Whether you’re just starting out on a fitness routine, or you’ve been working out for years, don’t count calories!  Pick the right foods that you know you should be eating, and dive right in.  If you need to adjust the amount of food you consume, do it after a full month of eating quality foods, you’re body will let you know if you’re doing it right.



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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks Bobbie!

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