The Mental Side of Eating Right

I was working with a client this morning, and we really started to dive into his eating habits.  Like most of my morning clients, he’s a very hard working professional, runs his own business, but struggles with consistency in his eating habits.  When it comes to changing your eating habits, there is no doubt about it, it’s an extremely hard thing to do.  We have all eaten a certain way since we were kids, and if eating right wasn’t a priority as a youth in your house, it becomes harder and harder with each passing day, to change it as an adult.  If you’re looking to change the way you approach your meals each day, the biggest thing you should understand is that it’s a war of attrition with your own brain.  We are all able to make excuses to why we can’t do things everyday, whether it’s eating right, accomplishing goals at work, or even brushing your teeth.  Jokes aside, to eat right, and work towards a goal of what you want your body to look and feel like, make it very black and white.  Either eat right, or don’t eat right.  There will be two clear cut results at the end of both roads and no excuses as to why you look and feel the way you do.

Back to my client.  He grew up as a wrestler, and became very competitive in the sport from the ages of 12-18.  Wrestlers are notorious for cutting weight to wrestle at a certain weight.  They’ll do everything under the sun, including spitting into a cup all day, not eating, to running long distances with trash bags covering their entire bodies, underneath their clothes, to make weight.  Needless to say, it’s insanity.  As he spoke more about his day to day habits, I realized he still does the same thing he did as a youth.  When he was young, he wouldn’t eat all day, driving his insulin into the ground, and once he weighed in, would go crush a large meal, probably anywhere between 2,000-4,000 calories because his body was tapping out from a starvation induced sleeper hold.Now, in his 40’s, he’s doing the same thing as he goes through the daily grind.  In the morning, he wakes up, drinks a coffee on the way to work, and sometimes doesn’t eat until 1 pm!  This leaves his body starving by the time lunch rolls around, and probably dizzy due to the fact his blood sugar has dropped to a dangerously low level.  Here we have a perfect example of how you can end up with diabetes at a later age.  By continuously putting your body through peaks and valleys with your blood sugar levels, you put yourself at risk for diabetes.  But I digress…The point is, he needs to break the habits that were created in his childhood, and the only way for him to get there is for him to be mentally tough.  To not be anymore long winded, he’s going to need to retrain his brain how to approach meals, because what he knows is wrong, and will never allow him to reach his goals as long as he stays in that mindset.  His war of attrition starts today, will yours?


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