Are You Kidding Me?

So I pick up the newspaper this morning, and on the front page, there is a story of 6 kids drowning in the Red River, Louisiana.  As I read the story, I became absolutely appalled, but then again, not surprised.  The kids were out on a sandbar in the Red River, which is a popular hangout.  Apparently, as they were in the water, wading around, they hit a 20 foot drop off.  None of the kids could swim, which I can somewhat deal with.  Here’s the kicker…NONE OF THE PARENTS COULD SWIM EITHER!  Are you kidding me???  Not having the ability to swim is purely a complete lack of effort.  In terms of difficulty, swimming ranks very high, next to walking and breathing.  Our society has SERIOUS problems when it comes to nutrition and fitness, and this only piles on top of that fact.  Now, I don’t know anything about the parents, what they’ve done their entire lives when it comes to nutrition and fitness, but this story gives me a pretty good idea.  The face that your children died because you weren’t athletic enough to swim out there and drag them bag to the sand bar is an absolute disgrace.  People in this country need to wake up, this kind of garbage is getting ridiculous…


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