Strasburg Update: Autopsy to be Performed This Morning

Steven Strasburg, Golden Arm of the Washington Nationals, will get the results of an MRI performed on his right forearm sometime this morning.  It’s okay Nationals fans, you can breathe, he’s not dead.  Coming within less than a month after a “tight” shoulder sidelined him for 10 days, Strasburg is now dealing with an apparent “forearm strain.”  Now, if the MRI comes back with bad news (surgery required), I’ll feel pretty bad.  But, if it comes back negative and he needs two more cubes in his ice pack after a game, I’m going to go nuts!  Let’s take a look at the two scenerios…

  1. The MRI comes back and says he needs surgery on his ailing forearm.  When I first saw him go down with the elbow problem, I immediately started to wonder what he’s been doing in the weight room.  A lot of shoulder and forearm weakness/imbalances are due to weakness/imbalances in the scap (weak shoulder blade). When there are weaknesses in a pitchers scapula, you can see injuries to the shoulder and elbow frequently.  If this is the case, we saw Strasburg’s shoulder give him problems no more than a month ago.  During that time, his elbow was taking a beating as well, he just didn’t know it.  Now, after the shoulder has recovered, we see the elbow break down as his body was compensating for weaknesses going on in his back and his shoulder.  This could be a huge blow to the Nationals if it turns out to be a big problem (Tommy John surgery).  If it comes back negative…
  2. I’m going to go absolutely nuts!  If this thing comes back, and there is no structural damage, I’m going to Washington to strap a set on this guy!!!  I’m sick of watching professional pitchers complain about there arms when they get a friggin mosquito bite!  These guys are paid to do one thing….PITCH!  Every year, some softy on some team in the big leagues, ends up on the shelf because they get a little sore and don’t know how to deal with it.  What happened to the good old days of Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, and Nolan Ryan???  When guys would toe the mound like men and pitch till their arm fell off because the team needed them and they rose to the challenge.  Today’s big league pitcher is soft (for the most part) and we need more guys in the game with that old school mentality.  Nolan Ryan has elminated the pitch count in the Texas Rangers organization, and I say good for him!  When you go out to pitch on your day, you should be thinking about nothing less than a complete game.  Pitchers these days get a “quality start” statistic for contract time, if they make it through 5 and 2/3 innings.  Give me a break!!!  I want this girl to be the new pitching coach in Washington…

Whew, I feel better now, thanks for asking.  I’m very interested to see what the results bring back, and truly hope his arm does not require surgery.  Regardless of either scenerio, something has to change…


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