Wednesday Rant

So I was talking to my girlfriend last night, and in the midst of our catching up on each others day, she warned me that I may get irritated with the conversation that was about to go down. As soon as the words, “You may get irritated,” were said, my blood pressure began a steady climb. She’s been in school attacking Physics and Neurobiology (she’s going to be the world’s greatest Physical Therapist in about two and a half years), and there is a personal trainer in one of those classes. He started asking her about the program she was destroying in the gym (written by yours truly), and wanted to know what exercises she was doing. When she told him that deadlifts were in her program, he was dumbfounded. Upon finding out, he told her that no woman should EVER, that’s right EVER, deadlift. The reason why? (Commence Douchery) “Women can hurt their backs deadlifting,” said The Training Legend. Let me first say that there was way more douchtastic commentary from Legend, but this one really got me going. I asked her for his reasoning, to which he said something along the lines of “Women are the weaker sex, and should only be allowed to cook, clean, and have my superman underwear pressed when I arrive back to my cave.” All jokes aside, he really had no reasoning for it, other than all the wrong reasons (women shouldn’t lift heavy, they should do high reps, low weight, I know everything and you’re stupid). She then explained to him the need for deadlifts in her program from a functionality standpoint and that her back had never once bothered her. He lost it at this point since he had invented the personal training industry, as well as electricity and the wheel. It’s frustrating to hear about this type of thing and it seems to happen on a weekly basis. Women are told, and have been told for decades, to lift nothing above ten pounds and to keep the reps at at least 1,000,000, because they’re going to end up looking like Jay Cutler (not the Chicago Bears quarterback as you can see). If Legend knows his stuff on nutrition as well as he does his training, I feel bad for his clients because they’ll end up on a soap and toothpaste diet in a 600 calorie per day diet that will leave them soft and unhealthily thin.  A “Buyer Beware” to all you females out there in internet-land reading this…If your trainer is telling you to never lift heavy and to eat a diet that wouldn’t satisfy a field mouse, move on to the next one. Make sure he/she is educated in the field and works as a full time trainer. There are too many “personal trainers” in our industry who make it a side job and don’t do their homework. Be proactive, do your homework, and make sure the money you’re spending is worth it.  To prove a final point, here’s a little video of a 120 Kg deadlift from a female athlete and she’s not the least bit bulky.

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