Blending: When Pitching Mechanics Meet Your Athleticism

First off, Happy 2011 to everyone!  BucksFit has been on fire of late and the pitchers I work with are starting to hit their stride in building up their arm strength for the 2011 baseball season.  With that said, here’s a little insight as to what we’ve been working on.

I’ve seen a lot of drills used to help pitchers with their pitching mechanics.  Some are good, some are bad, some are in between.  If you walk into most baseball facilities during the winter, you’ll see a majority of pitching coaches working with their pitchers in static positions and trying to find “perfect mechanics.”  News flash:  There’s no such thing as “perfect mechanics.”  Pitchers need to work within their own athletic abilities on the mound and trying to make every single pitcher look the same is counter productive.  Most of the time you’ll either see a player who looks great mechanically, but robotic, or you’ll see the kid that can throw the ball through the backstop, but is mechanically challenged.  Blending allows a player to mix his pitching mechanics with his athleticism, allowing him to get the most out of his body as possible.  I came across blending by way of Kevin Erminio, pitching coach at Kennesaw State University.  A good mix of mechanics and athletic drills will allow you to get everything out of your pitcher(s) this off season.  Here are a few drills we do at BucksFit and AcesElite in order to bring it all together.

Turn and Burn – Focus on trying to make your pitcher flip his hips as fast as possible on the crow hop.

3 Hop Drill – Forcing your pitcher to “load” the back knee/hip.  A good cue is to tell him to flip his laces to the catcher as fast as possible when his front foot lands.

Elevated Medicine Ball Throws From Stretch Position – This goes along with weighted ball work in the off season.  Keep the quantity of throws relatively light each session in the gym and try to build up to the season.

Any questions, comments, or inquiries, please feel free to email me at  Thanks for stopping by!



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