Reasons Why Your Workout Sucks

So that statement may be a little bold, but here it is…You’ve been training for “X” amount of years and you still have yet to see results. In fact, your body is hurting, your weights aren’t changing along with your body, and because of that, you’re starting to gorge with your eating habits. Here are some reasons why and some ideas to help jump start your program…

1) Not Enough Variety in Your Exercise Selection

Okay, if you’ve been doing the same exercises for more than the last 4-6 weeks, STOP! Start adding more variety to what you do. I touched on this topic on HERE. It’s a very basic switch to make to your program, but you get the idea. Ignore the “Semi-Strict Curls.” That guy is sweet…

2) You’re Doing Too Many Reps Without Enough Weight

Alright, I know you’ve been doing 400,576 curls every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during your workouts, but your arms just aren’t getting that “lean, long look” that you’ve been looking for. Up the weight, lower the reps. Your body needs, no..wants to be challenged. If you’re not lifting enough weight to challenge your muscles into a hypertrophy state, you’re wasting your time, plain and simple. For example, let’s say your training your biceps (which you shouldn’t be wasting significant time with anyway, but we’ll cover that topic in a bit) with 3 sets of 15 reps, with 10 lbs. in each hand for the last decade. Solution: Time to add weight and drop reps. Next time you workout your biceps (I might puke), stick with 3 sets, cut it down to 10 reps, and pick up the 15’s from the rack. Guarantee your arms will take more shape over the next 4 weeks than they have since W. Bush’s first term began.

3) You Don’t Sweat

If you’re in the gym and not sweating/elevating your resting heart rate past 16, save your money and cancel the membership. The point of working out is to do just that: Workout!!! I’ve seen it a million times (no exaggeration, seriously), the guy/girl in the gym that comes in, starts their workout off with 5 minutes of “cardio,” heads over to the chest press, rips out a grueling set of 15 reps with 30 lbs., and sits on their cell phone for the next 10 minutes. After that, they grab a drink of water, talk to the person next to them about the latest episode of American Idol and how Steven Tyler looks like a meth addict from Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Just wait till Baby Lyssa gets his ass!!! Forget the jokes for a minute and take a look at Nick Tumminello of PerformanceU getting after it with a Metabolic Med Ball Circuit to finish off his workout…

Nick is one of the best in our industry, for more from him at PerformanceU, check out, it’s WELL worth the visit!

4) You Don’t Stretch

That’s right, I said it. You don’t stretch. And you know you don’t! Stretching is the most overlooked part of fitness, in my opinion. Most of you are limited with some/multiple parts of your body. If you’re not, then you’re in the minority, so congratulations! Limitations with your mobility can hold you back from reaching full range of motion with any exercise. Here’s some mobility work you can add in for your hamstrings and hips.

Start adding some mobility work to your workouts and you’ll see a huge difference in your ROM, along with your performance in the weight room. For more mobility work, check out our BucksFit Youtube Channel.

5) You Don’t Work Your Whole Body Every Workout

CHEST AND BI DAY! HELL YEAH BRO! You know you’ve seen that one, or at least close to it. Check it out tonight when you hit the gym. I guarantee there is some doosh in the gym working his Chest and Bi’s. On top of that, I’ll bet that 99% of the guys doing chest and bi’s, aren’t Bodybuilders. If he is, let him do his thing. If he’s not, give him a little taste of this…

The point is, if you’re not a Bodybuilder, don’t work in a Bodybuilder format. Foam Roll. Go through a dynamic (moving) warm up. Do some prehab, if necessary and as needed. Throw some med balls. Push/Pull some CHALLENGING weight with your upper AND lower body. Work on mobility. Finish with a hell-a-sweat, then call it a day!

I hope this gives you some fresh ideas to work with. Remember, you’re trying to challenge yourself when you go to the gym. It’s not a spa, it’s not the couch, it’s not your bed. Get in the gym, get after it, and get yourself going in a more positive direction.


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