Back From Boston!

My girlfriend and I returned home today from Boston. Needless to say, that town is incredible! If you’ve never been, I suggest going. If you’re a baseball fan and haven’t been to Fenway, you’re missing out. What a ballpark. Not only did we get to see Fenway, but the Sawx also beat the Yankees, the team I despise the most in baseball. Here’s a picture of me making friends with C.C Sabathia last night…Regardless of the fact that my girlfriend, myself, and the City of Boston hate the Yankees, the people of Boston were incredibly accepting outside the park as well. I’ve never been in a town where there is such a sense of community and a pride about that community. We were treated as one of Boston’s own and it was an experience we’ll never forget. So, thanks to all of Boston for a great weekend!

With Boston in mind, I’m sitting here as Daisuke Matsuzaka has been removed from tonights game against the Rays and figured I’d talk a little bit about Dice-K’s struggles with some suggestions on how I believe the Red Sox could fix them. First, let’s go back to Dice having success and pay attention to his follow through, mainly the “flat back finish” with most of his pitches…

That’s when he was filthy, no one could touch him. Let’s fast forward to the last year and a half, and take a look at his follow through these days…

I will say, he follows through on his slider from the stretch, but there is still no drive off of his back side (right leg). There could be a couple of things going on here.

1) He could have a very stiff lower half, which I do believe is part to blame on this one. The only reason I say this is because when you look at the two videos, there’s a major difference in his body. He’s obviously younger in the earlier video and has more size in the second video. Not to say he’s out of shape, but it almost looks as though he’s lost range of motion when he tries to follow through. With that said, I still believe the culprit is his back side…

2) He gets ZERO “pop” from his back leg. I’m not saying he has to be a drop and drive guy. But, he needs to squeeze his knees together at the top of his leg lift, let his front leg get down, and flip his laces (right cleat) into his catcher to get his hips going. Stand up and do it (See Cole Hamels absolutely FIRE his back laces to his catcher, CHOOOOOOOOCH!)………………….
You totally just threw with your hips!!! Now, repeat that motion, but instead, do nothing with your back foot, I’ll wait……………………………

Feel the difference? I think this is a major part of why he can’t get the ball down. For a pitcher, every inch matters in baseball. In comparing the two videos, you can see that Matsuzaka’s release point has been changed for the last year and a half because of his lack of a follow through. I better call Tito to get this fixed, I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


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