PItching Topic of the Week

Today’s video is going to help you use your “lower half” when you pitch. A lot of coaches have probably told you to use your legs when you pitch. A majority of you don’t know how to do it. This video will provide you a better understanding of how to use those legs. As we say at BucksFit, “Big Legs, Big Paychecks!”

The Drill: Squeeze the Knees

Who I got it From: Kevin Erminio, Kenessaw State Pitching Coach

What to Do: Set yourself in the stretch position, with your feet spread a bit wider than your shoulders. Hands start above your head. Once you’re set, squeeze your knees together, pretend your stepping over a small water bottle with your stride, accelerate your hands to your belt, and try to flip your backside shoe laces towards your catcher as fast as you can.

Doing this drill 3x/week will help you use your lower body when you throw. Once you have it locked down as part of your “muscle memory,” your arm will begin to feel light when you throw. You’ll always know if you’re doing it wrong if your arm feels like it’s carrying a brick through the arm circle. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them. Thanks for stopping by!


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