Fruits and Their Nutrient Makeup

Get cozy, today’s post is going to be a long one. I’m going to dive into fruits, discuss the makeup of each one, and why you should be eating it. Settle in, here we go…

Apples – Full of flavonoids that help fight against cancer. Studies have shown that an apple a day can help fight against colon cancer, lung cancer, and cardiovascular problems.

Apricots – Help fight against lung cancer and arthritis.

Avocados – Full of healthy fats (Monounsaturated – Oleic Acid, an omega-9). Monounsaturated fats help to lower cholestrol. They’re also great for the eyes, heart, and skin.

Bananas – Though healthy, they’re not the be-all, end-all superfruit we are made to believe. Bananas get their bang for the buck with potassium and fiber. Though, if you’re looking for better potassium content within your food, turn to spinach and broccoli.

Blueberries – Speaking of superfoods, these take the cake! Blueberries are the highest scoring fruit of all time according to ORAC. Blueberries are high in antioxidants (cancer fighters) and anti-inflamatories. That being said, inflammation and oxidative stress are the main causes of pretty much every killer disease in the world.

Cantaloupe – This is a “high-volume” food. Better said, cantaloupe is a fruit with a lot of water and fiber, which helps when you’re trying to control your weight. As well as controlling weight, it’s a food that will help fight off those crappy colds that everyone gets during the upcoming winter season. Bottom line, eat cantaloupe instead of that doughnut!

Cherries – Good source of potassiums and vitamin A, while helping fight against inflammation, aging, and cancer.

Coconut – Coconut (and coconut oil, go buy it!) are two of the most powerful superfoods out there. In island studies, islanders who consumed coconut on a regular basis were virtually free of atherosclerosis, heart disease, colon cancer, kidney disease, high cholestrol, and digestive problems. Too boot, they were also lean and mean!

Not those cranberries! THESE cranberries!!!

Cranberries – Help prevent urinary tract infections. Guess what else? Whole cranberries contain compounds that get after it (#GAI) when fighting cancer tumor cells (Lung, cervical, prostate, breast, and Leukemia).

Figs – Loaded with fiber. Studies have shown that men with the highest fiber intake had a 40 percent less chance of heart attack than other men with lower daily fiber intake.

Goji Berries – Think cross breed of a cranberry and cherry. Goji Berries, while expensive as hell, have been found to help fight cancer, are high in fiber, contain 18 amino acids, up to 21 trace minerals, and are a great source of carotenoids and vitamin C.

Grapefruit – Assists in insulin resistance. Smokers, pay attention to this next one. In a study done at Texas A & M, researchers found that grapefruit helps to reduce the activity of a liver enzyme that is thought to activate cancer causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Grapefruit also helps to lower cholesterol, assists with weight loss, to go along with the anticancer goodness.

Grapes – One cup of grapes contains just over 100 calories, so don’t go pounding the whole bushel when you get home from the local market. The good that comes out of these sweet treats are a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancers. Resveratrol (found in red wine as well as the skin of grapes) is the secret compound that helps fight against these diseases. The skin of dark grapes, according to research, has been shown to also add years to your life. Badda Bing!

Guava – Lycopene (mostly known for being found in tomatoes) is a nutrient found in Guava that helps fight against prostate and breast cancer. As well as assisting in the fight against cancer, guava contains very high levels of potassium, fiber, and vitamin C.

Honeydew – You may be thinking this is a list of chores that your wife/significant other has bestowed upon you for any given weekend, but don’t sweat, I’m talking about the fruit. Just like it’s cousin, cantaloupe, honeydew is a high volume food (appetite suppressant). A half melon of this delicious snack only has 180 calories and will satisfy your appetite for hours. Honeydew is high in potassium and vitamin A, while also containing low amounts of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C. Diseases it fights? Heart disease and stroke. It also helps to keep you blood pressure low.

Kiwifruit – To start, Kiwifruits have 2x as much vitamin C than oranges. They’ve also been shown to work as a blood thinner. Eating a piece of kiwifruit rather than pounding aspirin sounds like a much better alternative to me!

Lemons and Limes – Plain and simple. Lemon peel, when added to hot black tea, can help reduce the risk of skin cancer. Limes have been a cure for scurvy for centuries, though I don’t think any of you reading have run into that in your lifetime…

Mangoes – One of my favorite fruits. Another high volume food that is high in potassium, vitamin A, and beta-carotene. To go along with that, they also contain solid levels of vitamin C and K, calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium. One whole mango contains 4 grams of fiber.

Oranges – No, not orange juice. Oranges. Thanks to the limonoids found in oranges, lab tests have shown these compounds have the capability to fight against mouth, skin, breast, stomach, lung and colon cancer. Oranges can also help fight against inflammation.

Papaya – These babies assist with managing digestion, pain, and inflammation. One papaya contains 120 calories as well as being loaded with potassium and fiber.

Peaches – Recent studies have shown peaches to contain great antioxidant properties (cancer fighters). They’re low in calories and contain a bunch of great nutrients for your body: fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, beta-carotene, and potassium.

Pineapple – Helps with digestion, healing, and the reduction of inflammation. 1 cup of pineapple per day contains 100 percent of the daily value of manganese.

Prunes – High in fiber (that’s why grandma drinks the juice!) and also helps to fight against colorectal and breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and diverticulitis. Prunes are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and iron. There is no other fruit in the world that has a higher antioxidant content than prunes.

Raisins – Postmenopausal? I’m not. But if you are, the boron found in raisins will help increase your bone and joint health. Raisins also have a high antioxidant content, helping the fight against cancer.

Raspberries – The ellagic acid found in raspberries (see cherries and strawberries as well) fight cancer cells, while leaving your healthy cells in tact.

Strawberries – Now that you’ve made it this far, I’m assuming you can see the strength that ALL berries have in the fight against cancer. Strawberries are right there. They fortify your cells against cervical and breast cancer.

Watermelon – High volume food baby. Just like cantaloupe and honeydew, watermelon can assist in weight loss by curbing that appetite of yours, while delivering a high dose of lycopene that will assist in fighting cancer of the prostate, lungs, stomach, pancrease, colon, rectum, esophagus, oral cavity, breast, and cervix.

Whew! I’m at a 1200 word count and, more importantly, I hope you come back to this post as a “menu” of sorts. Understanding what is in your food is the biggest issue I see for people that come into the gym. When you understand what is in your food and the benefits they can give you, you can begin winning the war for your health. Check in soon for a breakdown of vegetables, proteins, and grains! Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Basebill says:

    Atta boy! Good sh*t been saying myself for years, better yet been practicing it even longer, keep it up

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