Always Finish

With 2012 Philadelphia Bandits tryouts coming up this Saturday, I wanted to talk a little bit about finishing everything you do today. It may seem a little odd, but bear with me, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Whether it’s in the weight room, on the field, or with your school work, finishing is always the most important thing. It says a lot about a person. Let’s use the weight room as an example. I work with a lot of baseball players (High school, college, and pro) and each one has a different personality. When we get into tougher sets and reps, I’m always watching. I want to see who has the mental toughness to finish each and every rep. I’ve seen guys finish (albeit, struggling, but finishing strong) and I’ve seen guys cut reps and sets. For the guys that cut reps and sets, their only hurting themselves. Think about it…Does it hurt me? Technically, no. But I’ll admit, I get fired up when guys aren’t finishing because I know the good that can come over a 5 month off season of finishing every set and rep. It also says what a person might be like on the field. If it gets down to crunch time on a baseball field, and that person is on the mound (or at the plate, sorry, I’m a pitcher at heart), if he isn’t willing to push himself when it’s tough in the gym, that tells me he probably won’t be able to handle a high pressure situation in big games. Take Michael Jordan for example.

Michael Jordan was one of the most competitive basketball players of all time. I’ve heard stories of how he hated to lose at anything; Golf, Cards, Father/Son softball games. You get the idea. What made him great wasn’t his ability, but his undying passion for competing and finishing games. He’s one of the greatest finishers (if not the best) in the history of professional basketball. In the 1997 NBA Finals, Jordan had the flu. He could have very well bowed out of the game and no one would’ve said a word. But what did Jordan do? He finished. Something inside of him said, “I’ve played an entire season to get to this point, I’m NOT going to sit, even with the flu, I’m going to finish this championship.” And what did he do in game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals?…….

When you go to the gym today, always finish. Be like Mike.


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