Exercises For Your Arsenal

Exercise: The Sleeper Stretch

Sets and Reps: 2-3 sets x 3 reps @ 20 second holds each

Why You Should Do It: The pro baseball guys have made their way back to the gym and with the lack of internal rotation showing up in assessments, I figured this would be a good place to start this off-season. After a full season of pitching/throwing, your “brakes” are tight (high school guys will wrap up fall ball in the next two weeks, so all of you, PAY ATTENTION!). As part of your corrective stretching for the following month, you want to get the internal rotation of your throwing shoulder (and non throwing, if tight) back to a healthy Range of Motion (ROM). By performing this stretch over the next month (1x/day if moderately tight, 2x/day if very tight, 3x/day if you’re in a red flag zone), you’ll get yourself back to a healthy ROM and have yourself ready to start your off season throwing program come mid November. At BucksFit, we will be running FREE SHOULDER ASSESSMENTS so you can find out where you’re at to start the off-season. To set up your free assessment, you can contact me at ckurtz4@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you soon!


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