Fitness Blogs You Should Read

I read a lot. My girlfriend always busts my stones about it. “Reading good material?” she’s said on numerous occasions, to which I respond “Yes dear, but I don’t mind stopping so that I can fan you while feeding you grapes. What’s that, a foot massage? Sure, you know I’d do anything for you (smile).” Okay, so if she read that, I know she’s rolling her eyes and possibly throwing up a bit in her mouth knowing that the scenario doesn’t quite play out like that on a regular basis. But I digress, back the point. I’ve put together a list of fitness blogs I read on a daily basis. Topics each day range from all ends of the fitness industry. Just pick the ones you prefer and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Eric Cressey – Eric is my man crush. I mean, not to sound weird, but he’s killing the baseball end of the industry and is so friggin’ smart! If you’re a baseball player/dad, I highly recommend you read his blog.

Tony Gentilcore – Also my man crush (is this getting weird yet?) and fellow Cressey Performance employee. Tony covers a wide range of topics and has a phenomenal writing style. Whether you’re a baseball guy or a middle aged man/woman trying to lose weight and move better in the gym, go see Uncle Tony.

Neghar Fonooni – She kicks ass, plain and simple. She lifts like a man and looks like a woman. Ladies, pay attention! Neghar is showing women that it’s perfectly fine to workout like a man and to not be caught in the media’s idea of how women should lift (i.e not lifting 3 pound dumbbells for 10 million reps).

Nia Shanks – Another woman in the industry showing the ladies that it’s okay to lift heavy weights without looking like a linebacker. Side Note: One exception to the ladies looking like linebackers are the Philadelphia Eagles linebackers, who have looked like ladies all season. DAMN YOU JOE BANNER!!! Sorry, I’m upset, they look terrible. Anyway, Nia will give you the confidence, as well as guidance, to get yourself going in the right direction. Don’t be scared, you’ll be a Beautiful Badass (shameless product plug for Nia) in no time!

Bret Contreras – The glute guy knows his stuff! If you want to firm up those glutes and get rid of that back crack (flat butt = back crack), check out Bret’s work. Even though he’s known as the “glute guy,” Bret has a tireless work ethic and a passion for learning in the fitness industry that, in my mind, is unparalleled. Bret is constantly studying current research to find the best ways to make our bodies as efficient as possible. – Dean’s a smart guy. He also makes me pee my pants laughing at times when I read his stuff, my girlfriend hates it. He’s another guy in the industry bringing you the most up to date and relevant research showing you how to work out more efficiently, eat better, and muddle your way through the BS we see in the fitness industry on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to step up your game in the gym, check some of these sites out. You won’t be disappointed, I promise! To all the Phightin fans that are as fired up as I am for tonight’s game, I’ll leave you with this unforgettable moment in Phillies History…..

If that isn’t Philly, I don’t know what is. LET’S GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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