Articles You Should Read

Here are a couple of articles that have peaked my interest over the past week.

Some Children’s Cereals Have More Sugar Than Twinkies And Cookies – Catharine Paddock, PhD

Catharine is a writer for who recently wrote about children’s cereal’s and why they should not be eating them. Kudos to her and right on!

How Not Training Can Help You Make Progress – Tony Gentilcore, CSCS @ Cressey Performance

Tony, like Eric, are both my man crushes (is that a violation to have 2? More than likely) when it comes to fitness industry. I’m always learning new things from these guys, but today, Tony hit on a topic that we’ve discussed a bit in the gym this off season. Baseball guys, take a look!

The 3 Most Idiotic Things I’ve Done as a Personal Trainer – Bret Contreras, CSCS, Certified FMS Expert

I liked this article because most of what you read online from personal trainers/strength coaches is about why you should train with “me,” why the competitor sucks, lookatme lookatme lookatme!, you get the idea…Bret went the other direction with this article and I can definitely say I’ve experienced one of these during my career. Great Post


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