Interview with David Amaro of the Philly Bandits

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post. The last few months have been crazy with the opening of CK Performance, but my schedule is finally starting to get back to normal and I wanted to bring you a quick 5 part Q and A with David Amaro of the Philly Bandits.

I’ve been fortunate to learn from Dave over the last 4 years as an assistant coach and on top of being a great person, he holds a wealth of knowledge that every player and parent can learn from. Hope you enjoy it and learn something about the recruiting process along the way!

Dave, first off, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I appreciate you taking the time to do it. Here we go!

1) To start, let’s give everyone a little background action here. What schools/teams did you play for during your amateur and professional career?

I played for the William Penn Charter School, Rhawhhurst Legion and then Fox Rock – AAABA. Later played 4 years for Duke University and then drafted in the 23rd round by the Chicago Cubs. I played a year and a half before a career ending wrist injury. Trying to make a comeback I also played for the Mexico City Tigers for a month.

2) You coach a very successful AAU organization named the Philly Bandits. How did you get into coaching?

I always wanted to give something back and use a more low key approach to Coaching so that players really enjoyed playing the game the right way. We try and emphasize playing a high energy style and we try and help our players navigate through the College recruiting process.

3) From a coaching perspective, what do you see in today’s amateur players that they could be doing better, as a whole?

Today’s amateur players do not play with intensity or urgency. That needs to change and if it doesn’t in the Delaware Valley, recruiters will not come look at the area players.

4) As a parent, what is the hardest thing about going through the recruiting process?

The hardest thing is to be realistic and understand all the aspects of the process. It can be overwhelming.

5) What would your advice be to
a) players going through the recruiting process?

You first need to honestly assess your talent and academic aptitude so you can make an appropriate target list.

and b) parent’s dealing with the influx of recruiting materials, coaching calls, and decision making during the recruiting process?

You have to take un-official visits to those schools that you have interest in as well as those that you are considering as options since they are recruiting you. Once you are on Campus speaking to the Coaching staff you will get a good or bad feel for how you can fit in. If you are uncertain then it may not be the right place for you. All recruiters will love you and things become very different when you show up so you’d better love the environment.

To wrap up, here is a 10 minute video about the importance of education, playing college baseball, the recruiting process, and professional baseball. Enjoy!
Note: Please excuse the glasses in the video. Dave was battling pink eye at the time. I still believe he was trying to land the lead role in Terminator 5.


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