Why Struggling is a Good Thing

We all struggle. At one point or another, we all go through it. Some more than others, but it’s all the same. When we’re pushed into a corner in life, how do we react? Struggling can be one of the most powerful motivating factors in life. It can also go the other way and drag you into despair. It depends what side of the coin you choose to look at. I’ve always struggled in life. I’ve lived on floors of friends houses just to get by, scraped the last bit of change out of my cupholder for gas in my car hoping that I’d make it to work the next day, worked 100 hour work weeks for years just to make a dream a reality. I could go on and on, but this isn’t a pity party. I will tell you this though…It’s all been worth it. Struggling has humbled me. It made me look myself in the mirror when I didn’t want to see the person staring back because that person saw right through the bullshit and cut right to the truth. It’s made me work harder than I’ve ever worked in my life when I thought I had worked hard in years past. I embrace struggle now because I know it will lead to something greater.

Baseball is a constant struggle. Everyday, you have to be working on getting better, whether it be throwing, lifting, hitting, taking ground balls/fly balls, sleeping more, getting treatment, stretching, or eating right. You have to be willing to grind it out everyday to get what you want out of baseball. There are no days off. If you want to be great at this game, you have to be willing and wanting to go out a take your dream on a daily basis. There is no chasing. If you want to be good enough, you’re in the wrong place. You’re in the wrong time. Today, good enough is not good enough. Today, you have to be willing to be great. And greatness comes with a price in this game. Sometimes, you’re going to have to miss the party on Saturday night because you have a game the next day. Sometimes, you’re going to have to give up a little sleep to get to your workout on time. Sometimes, you’re going to have to miss a summer vacation because you’re at a tournament taking down your dream. It’s all worth it in the end. When you’ve struggled and fought to play college baseball, all the thoughts and feelings of what you missed are gone. All you can think about is that you’ve made it to your dream. If you continue to fight through the struggle, you may even get a shot to play professional baseball. Then, if you get that shot, it’s time to struggle some more. Talk to any player that’s ever played minor league baseball. You want to talk about a struggle? How about living on a bus, sleeping in the aisle, wondering if you’re going to get released, grinding out a 100+ game schedule, being away from home for months at a time, not seeing your parents, siblings, wife, kids, etc. Everyone thinks it’s glorious, but it’s not. It’s just one more struggle to go through. One more test…Every single day. All to take a dream that you’ve had since you were a little kid and create a reality. But, it’s all worth it. Every single bit of it.

In my eyes, the struggle is a blessing. It wakes you up to life. It forces you to be better than you were. It makes you accomplish great things. It makes you find peace and happiness with your life. It makes you who you are today, tomorrow, and the days that follow. So here’s three cheers to the struggle. #GAI


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